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Product Features 

GAG is made of three layers by APET and PETG.APET in the middle with PETG outer layers,it can stand with with frequency heat sealing not being fused or edge tear-out.Meanwhile,its price is much cheaper than PETG.
1. good transparency, transparency up to 90% , good texture, suitable for high transparency products.
2. Excellent impact strength and rigidity, hard and durable material, suitable for high impact strength.
3. good processing, can use sawing, die-cutting, drilling and laser cutting and other processing methods, can also be cold bending and hot bending, adhesion, welding and polishing, printing and painting; and cold bending does not whitening, beautiful appearance.
4. Good thermoformability, no preheating can be formed, high precision, shrinkage rate about 0.5% ; deep formability is good, not broken and uniform thickness. 5.Food Hygiene, material for Petg, can meet all the major food requirement.


Used in stationery, arts and crafts, toys and gifts, food, cosmetics, hardware and other industries

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